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How can PMCS improve my cash flow?
PMCS has invested considerable capital in the latest technology that allows us to file claims electronically, which maximizes insurance reimbursement and reduces your accounts receivable in a shorter period of time.

How will the billing information get to your company?
Depending on your current billing practices, we can either set up electronic transmission of demographic and charge data or arrange to have the hard copy information sent to us directly for our specialists to input and transmit the claims to the various insurance carriers.

How long will it take before electronic claims can be submitted?
Once a billing contract is in place, PMCS will immediately begin the process of setting your company up for electronic transmission of claims. Generally the initial set-up takes up to 4 weeks depending on the insurance carrier. Some carriers can be set up in as little as two weeks. While we are setting your company up for electronic transmission of claims we will be filing paper claims immediately so there will be no delay in the billing. Once we have confirmation from the carrier that we can begin transmitting electronically, we will begin the process immediately.

Can a patient call PMCS if they have a question regarding their account?
They can call our toll free number (866) 410-4520 or (717) 652-6105 during our regular office hours or contact us by email:

Do you refer patients to a collection agency or handle the accounts internally?
PMCS has a team of internal collectors who attempt to work will patients with past due accounts. Depending on the client’s wishes, we can forward delinquent accounts to a collection agency as a last resort.

What makes PMCS different from other billing companies?
Originally established in 1962 as a billing department for a large, independent radiology practice, based on our proven billing success in radiology, we were asked by other practices to conduct their billing. As a result, PMCS has grown to serve other radiology practices as well as oncologists, pathologists, family physicians and other specialty practices. PMCS has the experience and knowledge of what it take to successfully do medical billing.

Will PMCS provide any financial/billing reporting to my practice?
Yes. PMCS provides monthly reporting to their clients that shows: accounts receivable by financial class; charges, procedure count, payments, and adjustments by office and by modality; trend reporting for charges, procedure count, payments, and adjustments by office and by modality will also be included. Additional reports are also available and can be customized to your individual practice needs.

Does PMCS provide any addition medical reporting support?
Yes. PMCS will provide feedback to their clients as to what information is missing from their reports to do proper billing and coding. Also, you will be notified of any information that is missing or changes needed in your patient demographic information.

How does PMCS determine their fees?
Your fee will be based on the agreed upon amount of work for each practice. A free detailed analysis of our practice will be conducted which will help to determine the amount of work needed to be done. There are no hidden fees. Our commission is typically lower than the industry standard for most specialties.

Would PMCS be able to assist me with any practice issues?
Yes. PMCS offers a full range of practice management services. This services could range anywhere from full practice management to fee structure review to contract negotiations and to answering your day to day questions.