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PMCS invests in continuing education so our claims specialists are always informed of procedural changes.
PMCS management is available to meet with clients on a regular basis to review practice billing and management reports.
We utilize leading edge technology to maximize your practice’s profitability and reduce your costly overhead.
Proven record of success with our clients: increased cash flow, reduced A/R days, and faster claims turnaround.
No matter your medical specialty or the size of your practice, PMCS is able to assist with your billing and practice management.

Throw away the folders, Throw away the stress!

PMCS is a leading provider for physician billing and practice management. Our certified professional coders and experienced claims processing specialists work with the most advanced software systems to provide cost-efficient, accurate invoicing and timely payment for medical professionals. We also utilize a computer assisted coding system with Natural Language Processing Technology to assist in our CPT and ICD 9/10 coding process. By utilizing the services of PMCS, you will have more time to spend with you patients and spend less time worrying about billing for your medical practice. PMCS also provides practice management and practice analysis to complement our efficient billing services. This could range from full practice management to fee structure review to answering your day to day questions.

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